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Panel Selection

Snap-Lock PanelsSnap-Lock System
These self locking panels are popular with both the experienced and novice installer. The simple design allows for a floating clip to be placed over the internal leg of the panel and fastened to the substrate below. The exposed seam of the following panel is then placed over this assembly and engaged with a gentle push.
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Mechanical Seam PanelMechanical Seam System
This traditionally styled panel is a common choice when maximum wind uplift resistance is a concern. Equally weather tight over open framing or when placed directly over roof decking, the seams of this panel are locked together by means of a powered roll former that is applied to each seam after installation.
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Nail Line PanelNail-Line System
The Installers Favorite! Tool belts overflowing with clips and designated “clip-guys” on large projects are now a thing of the past with this popular self locking design. Panels are attached directly to the substrate by means of a slotted nail strip that is formed into the panel leg. If you want to cover a lot of roof in a little time, there’s simply no better choice than this attractive panel.
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Fabricated Trim Metals

Many custom fabricated products are available from Metal Formed Goods. Parapet wall copings, perimeter edge metals and a variety of architectural trim metals are manufactured to your dimensions using our material or yours. Call us at 614-876-4280 to discuss the specifics of your project or simply fax us the necessary information (i.e.. profile dimensions, quantities and contact info.) at 614-876-8850to recieve a quote.

Trim Metals


The top of a parapet wall on a roof typically requires a coping cap or gravel stop to ensure against water intrusion to the roofing system. Custom copings and gravel stops - available in a variety of colors to match building design - add architectural detail and extend the life of the roof.


Gutters are available at any custom size and color to provide architectural detail, long life, and dependable drainage.


Metal Panels are an excellent choice for soffits, typically found under the eave applications or under entrance canopies. Metal Formed Goods provides custom soffits in a wide range of color selections to match your architectural designs.



A Better Roof
Metal roofing is a better choice in every way: It lasts 50 years, cuts energy costs, is more resistant to storm damage, is better for the environment, and is available in more colors and styles than traditional roof materials.
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  Your Roofing Partner
Producing a quality metal roof system requires a working knowledge of the integral parts that comprise each system. We provide contractors with quality products and the practical
installation support.
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We provide complete manufacturing services for residential and commercial metal roofing, including metal work, architectural roofing panels, gutters, detailed installation drawings, and custom metal fabrication.
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